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Fuck wimbledon
  jeffv8x_-_16, Jun 26 2013

Fucking stupid tournament fudkklv,xkdkfskdk,kcx,wd,sd,izjqasdqlks,dkl,xc,v

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Backgrounds? Which one do you like?
  jeffv8x_-_16, Dec 23 2012

As the title says I'm not sure what background image to take so here is a list of the choices
Let me know which you like the most

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Poll: which one?
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Starting poker again.
  jeffv8x_-_16, Dec 08 2011

Like the title says I'm starting to play again and I'm starting from the bottom of the "foodchain".I made myself a little challenge to play every stake till I'm up $x amount/stake.+ Show Spoiler +

The reasons I'm doing this are:
- I haven't played serious in a long time and this a way to get back into it.
- I was stuck @ nl 100 for awhile and I wasn't motivated to play anymore because i was missing the thrill of moving up stakes and the feeling that you're actually getting better at this game
- To prove to myself that I can actually beat these stakes and that it wasn't luck that got me there

I'll update every time I move up with graphs and stats(inspired by longple ) and at the end of the month.

Also for some reason I can't stop listening to this:

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